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Get an unbiased, independent and individual marketing advice.


Hey there, space adventurer! So, you're ready to launch your marketing game and blast off into the universe, but you're facing a challenge: there are endless marketing options out there, but you've got limited resources.

And let's face it, choosing the wrong one could burn time and money, sending you crashing back down to earth in no time.

We hear you loud and clear, and you're probably wondering, "Where do I even begin? Which channel is gonna take me to the stars?" Well, strap in and get ready for lift-off, because we've got some out-of-this-world ideas for you.

At UFOstart, we’ve developed a marketing robo-advisor. Based on self-developed AI-powered algorithms, it will tell you what you should do first to get the best marketing results.

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We will guide through a form with multiple questions. Expect a time of 5 - 10 minutes.

Why trust us?

UFOstart is a community of startup, web3, and marketing enthusiasts. Together we bring decades of startup marketing experience to the table.

We are not an agency. We do not only recommend what we know how to implement ourselves in order to generate maximum returns. In fact, we don't implement any measures ourselves at all. We simply give you one piece of marketing advise based on your current situation; impartially and undogmatically - nothing else.

We want to support young, up-and-coming projects to do authentic and effective marketing on a large scale. Without bullshit bingo, without PR bla bla, without spammy Telegram bots.

That why we’ve developed our incorruptible "marketing robo-advisor". Our algorithm is quite powerful because it is fed by the cumulative knowledge of our community - across marketing disciplines, industries, and various approaches - supported by data and artificial intelligence.

Our app saves you a lot of money, a lot of time and a lot of nerves. Because you will immediately recognise which single marketing measure is most valuable for your project at the current time.

How it works

Click on the button, answer a few questions about your project and your marketing goals - we’ll do the rest. You'll immediately receive a marketing recommendation that you can start implementing right away. One single marketing action that will really help you get ahead.

We are currently in beta and are working with square eyes to keep improving our algorithms and results. Because all we care about is helping projects like yours succeed.

If you’re not satisfied with your result or want to give us feedback, please, don't hesitate to reach out to us! We are happy about every contribution. After all, we are all in the same boat and we believe in the power of community :)

Get started!

We will guide through a form with multiple questions. Expect a time of 5 - 10 minutes.


How is your pricing working?
To get your individual marketing recommendation, we just ask you for a single one-time fee of $89 ($39 during beta).
Are you an agency?
No. We are not an agency and we believe that no individual person can know it all when it comes to unbiased, non-dogmatic marketing advice.
I see what you did. Why have you chosen an Ikigai form as a design element?
You got it! We're thinking that also in Marketing we need some kind of an Ikigai. The most important goal.
Can you also provide a more detailed marketing plan?

With the Flightplan we are working on something big. Something that in the future will provide you with a fully comprehensive strategic marketing plan based on the current situation of your startup. But the future is now.

Therefore we built UFOstart NOW. An AI-powered marketing robo advisor that gets you the most important recommendation and the most important marketing channel for your company today.. This result is individually calculated by our self-developed AI-powered robo advisor based on more than 1000 possible marketing attributes and marketing possibilities.

I have a lot more questions, how can I get in contact with you?

Sure! We love to hear any of your feedback and questions. Just join our community on Discord and start asking.